Steelhead Fishing TripsThere are few fishing experiences that rival the bone-jarring power or the magnificent aerial display of fishing Oregon salmon or steelhead. Returns of these magnificent fish have been robust the past five years with historic runs pouring into a number of regional waters厀aters we know intimately and are eager to share with you.

Alaska Fishing Trips

Imagine the sizzling run of a sparkling salmon in a small coastal river, where every bend presents a new challenge and an indelible memory. How about fishing one of Oregon's interior rivers, close to Portland, but removed from civilization in a setting that defines "majestic"? Then there's our Alaska fishing trips, our summer home, where runs of salmon defy comparison and trophy trout are the order of the day. Anderson's Outdoors is a premium fishing guide service that specializes in salmon and steelhead fishing trips in Oregon and Alaska. With Anderson's Outdoors you'll land outstanding service, first-rate equipment, experience and opportunity that rivals any world-class trip you'll find.

All your equipment is provided and no experience is necessary. I'm fully licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, the State of Oregon and participate in annual CPR and First Aid classes as well as random drug tests.

Anderson Outdoors caters to all levels of fishing experience and skill level. Seasoned river anglers enjoy the service and break from having to prepare and plan while newcomers will feel comfortable from the moment they get in the boat and begin the day's adventure.

I encourage you to spend some time on our site and check out all the possibilities we offer.


As featured in The Joy of Fishing - Run -n- Gun Steelheading. We roll down the Nestucca River for Steelhead with guide Kent Anderson of Anderson's Outdoors near Pacific City Oregon. Produced by Wayne Van Burger & Travis Cooper; Anderson's Outdoors; Beaver Hill; Kent Anderson; Nestucca River; Oregon; Pacific City; Run & Gun Steelhead; Run -n- Gun Steelhead; Travel; fishing; fishing guide; fishing guides; fishing trip; pacific northwest; steelhead; travis cooper; wayne van burger; Anderson's Outdoors as featured in The Joy of Fishing Run -n- Gun Steelheading. Come along with outdoor guide Kent Anderson as we go after Nestucca River Steelhead in Oregon. Produced by Wayne Van Burger and Travis Cooperr - Beaver Hill Productions
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